24 May

I don’t know if this applies to all Irish people but I always get a massive stab of pride when i see anybody from Ireland winning fame/acclaim abroad. It doesn’t matter whether or not I actually believe they’re insanely talented it’s just a nice affirmation, evidence that we as a country can compete with the best of them. You know, the states that have had Renaissances and won loads of wars and built pyramids…those guys.

Now and again though, somebody (or a band of somebodies) who is genuinely cause for excitement will emerge in Ireland. Somebody like the Rags. In that case it’s not just the status of the nation that has me hoping they’ll succeed. It’s justice. Yep, the idea that a band this brilliant might not get recognition, approval, exaltation in any country besides our own is to my mind absolutely offensive to right and reason.

So, if you happen to be reading this (as I’m sure a million,. billion people are, even at this very moment) give them a listen


tell your friends. Oh and if you’re gonna be about Dublin, head down to their album launch on the 29th. The Rags are amazing, Recognise the Rags!


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