Coppers yeh beaut!

19 Jan

It’s the 18th day of a new year. Unspoiled and just barely out of its wrapper, 2011 is full of delicious potential for deadliness! As I’m sure the world has noticed it has been a while since my last post. There have been distractions i’m afraid. Mostly in the shape of late nights spent desperately trying to understand evidence or write about islamic law, ski trips, Seattle trips and Passion pit (the latter a particularly sweet slice of awesomeness). in short the kinds of things I’d usually want most to be writing about (yes even exams, I’ve got a very ranty draft squirrelled away which basically lambasts them for their utter pointlessness. Might be best if it never sees the light of day actually…). But all of these things seem too far away now. i mean it’s a new year, hardly time to go reaching way back into the old one. So instead I’m gonna focus on the most recent banter and antics, the very cream of which took place not in Vancouver at all but in Dublin, and where in Dublin but Coppers?

I’ve been meaning to get to the brilliance of Coppers (or Copper Face Jacks if we’re being formal) for quite the while now. For the uninitiated Coppers is a mammoth club in the Camden/ Harcourt area. Before entering there are a few things that you should know. First of all since it’s a fairly huge place you should always be fairly merry when spending an evening there, you need to be a little bit drunk to endure the vast amount of time you’ll inevitably spend looking for folks after losing them on the stairs/ while you were catching up with somebody from school/ Irish college/ holidays. It’s also important to be aware that Coppers has a (deserved) reputation for being something of a cattle market. In other words, the majority of its patrons are there in search of the shift. So do expect people to come onto you in both traditional and creative fashion, and to see an awful lot of messy people getting pretty into each other on the dancefloor.

Now that you have some idea of what’s in store you can concentrate on enjoying the special Coppers atmosphere. I spent two awesome nights there over the Christmas with some of my very favourite people. Ridiculous dancing, running all over the place. Fairly standard nights in Coppers but then a standard night there is a bit brilliant, I guess put it down to the fantastic mix of people you find in there. Coppers is famous for being the haunt of primary school teachers (and teachers in training), nurses, Gardaí and country people up for the GAA but you can also expect to find a nice handful of Dublin people as well as businessmen and lawyers in their late 30s who have ended up there after a rowdy one at Doheny and Nesbitts.

It’s packed out every night of the week, the soundtrack split between chart and old school cheese. You’ll give it socks on the dancefloor, have hilarious chats in the smoking area, steal an abandoned drink or two, run away from the owner, lose the friends you came with, find new ones and at the very least you’ll go home with somebody’s phone number and a huge smile on your face.


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