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A New Dublin Departure

22 Oct

All Summer I looked forward to the return to Dublin, relying on the notion that the start of a new golden age in banter and antics was imminent. I mean Sunday M.A.S.S. and waterside activities on Sligo’s far more attractive beaches provided plenty of laughs and lovely moments, excitement even, but I was sure getting back to the capital was going to involve opportunities for entertainment I wouldn’t find in the smaller town. I mean beyond going for pints or coffee. I’ve always felt the main selling point of cities is that they bring so many people together that the¬†inevitable result is all kinds of unusual events and odd activities, the product of lots of creative minds, inhabiting small spaces and being forced to interact, staying up too late with their friends and striking upon genius new ways to delight people. Yet for the first 6 weeks of term I find myself doing what I have always done. Going to college. Going to night clubs. Going mental dancing. Recovering. Meeting up with people for chats. All very lovely activities don’t get me wrong. i don’t want to stop doing any of these things. Going out is brilliant. it’s just that with college mattering this year going out 3 week nights is no longer a viable game plan. So there’s a need to find new things to do, preferably cheap, which involve neither drinking nor being in the house. Things I can share with other people. That brings you up to speed on future plans then, for the next few weeks I’m going to be trying new things, bopping along to events I wouldn’t normally frequent and generally exploring a little more of what I know DUblin has to offer yeh know? Everything that’s worth shouting about will be given a nod here so stay tuned if you ever in fact tune in at all